The News-ish News

Newspapers, television, and radio news deal with new information. Town magazines and local websites enthusiastically introduce new shops, spots, and events because people want novel information.


Why do people want newness? The reason is that new information often generates curiosity and excitement.


As the editor-in-chief of Hokuroku, I have long thought that exciting events and occasions to push up both hands and scream, hold a belly and laugh, or take a rhythm with the toes and dance are insufficient here, despite having a plentiful supply of healing and relaxation times.


If the excitement that we lack generates in our hearts just by introducing new events and shops, Hokuroku should handle such information.


Now we’re trying to expand the network in the three prefectures of Hokuriku beyond the prefectural borders. Our news assortment may be broader than general local media that stays on the prefectural borders.


We have just created a corner that introduces information on new shops, events, and places that will open soon in the three prefectures of Hokuriku.


The latest information will appear at the bottom of the list. Please scroll down and check it out.


Masayoshi Sakamoto
The first editor-in-chief of Hokuroku