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Enjoy the industrial arts through a familiar perspective of ○△□×. A unique exhibition welcoming children starts at the National Crafts Museum in Kanazawa


The industrial arts exhibition for Children and their parents began on July 5th, 2022, at the National Crafts Museum in Dewamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The session is until September 4th (Sun).


It is a unique event. Even people who feel that the industrial arts are intricate can appreciate their secrets and charms with the familiar frames of ○△□×.


According to Yoko Imai, its senior researcher, the idea for the event came from her personal experience.


Once, when Ms. Imai opened the box containing silk textiles, there was a feeling that the light spread in the room. When considering the source, she guessed that the cross-sectional surface of silken threads was a triangle shape, and the effect of prisms and diffused light came from the structure of the silken threads.


In the same way, if you face industrial arts with familiar frames such as circles, triangles, squares, and crosses, you will be able to receive the message and charm of the works, which led her to the idea of ​​the exhibition.


According to Ms. Imai, the inside of the museum is soothing, and you can relax even in mid-summer.

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(Comments from the editorial department of Hokuroku: I’ve been away from the museum since the COVID-19 spread. I’ve just found the reason I always miss something every day. I haven’t been to any museum for a while. I’m interested and going to visit without hesitation. Akashi, Producer


The design is a stack of circles, triangles, squares, and crosses. When I heard the exhibition news, I instinctively exulted. It’s so perfect that both adults and children can enjoy it. It’s also a good family event during the summer vacation. If you read the related article before visiting it, you will surely appreciate the arts more! Takei, System development director


The industrial arts seemed difficult for me because I had no aesthetic eyes. After reading the related article of Hokuroku above, I came to evaluate the industrial arts simplifier. If you feel the high barrier for the industrial arts, please read the article above before seeing them. Otsubo, Editor)


Story: Nao Shimizu
Translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Editors: Masayoshi Sakamoto and Fumiya Otsubo
Photograph: Yasushi Takei



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