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A talk show and painting exhibition will open to commemorate the publication of his first personal book by Kanji Tsuda, an actor born in Fukui


A talk show and a painting exhibition will start to commemorate the publication of the first personal book, “Villain” (Fukui Shimbun), by Kanji Tsuda, an actor born in Fukui.


The publication commemorative talk show will start at Theatre Cinq in front of Fukui Station from 19:00 on Saturday, June 25th, on the very day of the book’s release (Ticket purchase required, the autographed book included).


At the talk show, a short version film “The City of Silence,” directed by Tsuda and filmed in Fukui, will be on the screen.



The Kanji Tsuda Publishing Commemorative Painting Exhibition will open at Kaze-no-Mori Gallery in Fukui Shimbun from June 26th to July 3rd from 9:00 to 18:00 (admission is free). On the first day, Kanji Tsuda will appear. You can purchase his autographed book.


Fu Production edited the book.

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Text and translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Image: Fu Production


(Comments from the editorial department of Hokuroku: Speaking of Kanji Tsuda, his interaction with director Takeshi Kitano at the time of his debut is known. I think he was the one destined for the actor in a movie-like episode. Many residents of Fukui may be familiar, but if you don’t know it, please check it. Otsubo, Deputy editor-in-chief


The actors’ names don’t tend to match their faces, but he immediately comes to my mind. He’s such an impressive actor. I didn’t realize at all, however, that he paints something. If you live in Fukui, visit the painting exhibition because the unique colors of the works are worth admiring. Takei, System development director


I’m not good at remembering people’s names. I didn’t know his name, but when I looked at his face, I immediately found out who he was. I would like to hear from the actors born in the Hokuriku region about their feelings and memories of our local area. I think that there is something good about the local area that only the artists can find. Akashi, Producer)



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