• 坂本 正敬
    坂本 正敬

    First editor-in-cheif

    Masayoshi Sakamoto

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    From Saitama


    The first editor-in-chief of HOKUROKU. His main translation and collaborative writing are "General Guides of Cool Japan" and "365 Days of Magnificent Views in Japan".

  • 伊藤 たける
    伊藤 たける

    Planning officer

    Takeru Ito

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    From Tokyo


    Takeru Ito’s profile here.

  • 明石 博之
    明石 博之


    Hiroyuki Akashi

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    From hiroshima


    Born in Hiroshima Prefecture. After working as a town development consultant, he moved to Toyama and has been working as a social entrepreneur and creator. His profession is business planning and community design. He is, besides, the owner of a cafe and hotel.

  • 大坪 史弥
    大坪 史弥

    Deputy editor-in-chief

    Fumiya Otsubo

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    From Toyama


    Born in Toyama. After graduating from university, he had worked in a recruitment advertising agency and went back to his hometown in 2015. He's been working as a senior staff member in Green Note Label Co., Ltd, which company is to build appealing places for local cities. His hobby is taking a sauna bath.

  • 武井 靖
    武井 靖

    Director of web development

    Yasushi Takei

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    From Saitama


    He was born in Saitama prefecture. He is the chief web director of Hokuroku and has, besides, various clients such as entrepreneurial ventures and advertising agencies. The current Internet environment allowed him to move from Tokyo to Toyama prefecture four years ago, which region was his favorite.

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