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No. 17

A shared kitchen opens in Shinminato Fishing Port, Toyama. Enjoy a variety of seafood dishes from different restaurants


On October 5th, 2022, Minato Kitchen, a shared kitchen, opened at Shinminato Fishing Port in Imizu City, Toyama. You can enjoy unique daily dishes made with freshly caught seafood throughout the four seasons.



The shared kitchen offers food and drinks from different restaurants which use the same kitchen equipment set.


Besides, the contracted storekeepers can open a food manufacturing business even one day a month.


Minato Kitchen also has a role of a workshop kitchen where you can host cooking classes and events.


Here hopes to connect fishers, chefs, foodies, and local businesses; and contribute to the local seafood culture.


You can appreciate the wall paintings of Mariko Noguchi.


(Comments from the editorial office: Nowadays, there are fewer opportunities to eat fish throughout Japan, but if you can eat delicious fish dishes from different restaurants every season, you may want to go every day. It seems that the kitchen is also developing products. I like seasoning products, and I am paying attention to them produced by Minato Kitchen! Takei, development director


I’m involved in Minato Kitchen. I haven’t been writing articles for Hokuroku recently, but I’d like to cover fish for our online media. I’m usually in Minato Kitchen, so please come and visit us. Otsubo, editor


Although I live in a port town, I had little contact with the fishing port. Now I operate Minato Kitchen and have the opportunity to contribute to the local industry. I want to appeal to the deliciousness of seasoned fish, not raw fish. Akashi, producer)


Text: Nao Shimizu
Translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Photo: Fumiya Otsubo and Masayoshi Sakamoto (only the cover photo) 



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