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AMAZA, the first universal tourism guest house appears in Hokuriku. It enables physically challenged people to bathe while sitting in wheelchairs


The annex of a guest house, Ikemori, in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture, just reopened on September 17th to adopt​ ​universal tourism, a trip style that even elders with disabilities enjoy.


The eye-catching is the first debut hot bath facility in the Hokuriku region, Heartful Premier. Not only general hot spring guests but also wheelchair users can bathe. As the floor of the open-air bath goes up and down like an elevator, physically challenged people can enjoy the hot spring while sitting in wheelchairs.



The guest house, Ikemori, opened in Himi City in 1989 and is celebrating its 33-year history this year.

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It has served dishes with fresh foods from the sea, mountains, and fields nearby. Warm customer service and hot springs are of good repute too. It has furthermore adopted ​universal tourism, and its annex, AMAZA, now enables anyone to enjoy staying regardless of age or disability.


In addition to the open-air bath having lifting equipment, its annex has a friendly design for wheelchair users to move around, such as the flat floor and handrails. Rental wheelchairs with electric assist are also ready for guests.



(Comments of the editorial members of Hokuroku: we covered Ms. Ikemori before. The guest house with various advanced services exists out of the central district of Himi. I hope to enjoy the starry sky away from digital gears at its observation hut. Guests can also see original drawings on the walls inside by illustrator Mariko Noguchi! Takei, development director


This time, I was in charge of its guest house renovation. The guest house aims to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and challenge a new market. Its space design and interior selection were very challenging when realizing both luxury and friendly for physically challenged people. The night sky seen from the open-air bath only for guests is the best. Please stay overnight. Akashi, producer


I’ve never known such a charming place in Himi City. I was also impressed by its passion for welcoming physically challenged guests. I need to work hard and get enough money to stay at this inn:) My interest in Himi City is increasing. Shimizu, intern)


Story: Nao Shimizu
Translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Photographs: dot DUCK, Hiroyuki Akashi



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