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No. 02

KITO, a vast picnic site with a dog run appears near the coast of Kahoku City this spring


A picnic site, KITO, with a food shop and a dog run, is to open around 2022 spring in Takamatsu, Kahoku City, Ishikawa Prefecture.


Kawauchi Bussan (Kahoku City), which engages in chicken breeding, processing, and sales in the Hokuriku region, is to start its site. Yuji Kawauchi, the company president, says, “I want to create a place where you can experience safe foods and encounter with creatures and nature while playing with the whole family, including pets.”


Crowdfunding is also to start for 33 days from March 1st (Tuesday) as a fund-raising for commercializing a new food product of liver paste to promote more effective use of a large amount of chicken liver discarded; selling it at the direct food shop in the picnic site. The target amount of funding is 3 million yen.

Related: I want to change the value ​​of the chicken liver discarded in large quantities; create a new food that conveys gratitude for lives!

In addition to liver paste, various foods and drinks for takeout, picnic gear designed by a local designer, and such are to sell at the food shop.


(Comments from the editorial department :I’m a huge fan of chicken liver. At a past part-time job at a yakitori restaurant when I was a student, I loved eating liver as a meal. The beautifully processed liver that arrived at the yakitori restaurant had no appearance of chicken that was alive. I’m ashamed. Until I read this news, I didn’t realize that I was eating lives. Otsubo, Deputy Editor-in-Chief


After experiencing the Corona pandemic, you will find that such a place where you can enjoy yourself with your important family and pets is valuable. Akashi, Producer


There are few places where you can run around freely with your children and pets. We have vacant spaces in the Hokuriku region, but they are not well-maintained and have less greenery. A private company developed its site and is to open to the public as a park. Its news sounds surprising to me. Takei, Web Development Director)


Text and translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Illustration: Morimoto Shingo



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