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POLA sells a cultural tour to explore the art of beautiful skin in Ishikawa

〈美肌県ツアー〉のアンバサダー・新田さちか(石川県出身)さん/Sachika Nitta, a home-grown poster lady, joined the tour


A familiarization trip to learn and feel the art of the beautiful skin of ladies in Ishikawa took place on November 5th and 6th. Ishikawa has won the Beautiful Skin Prefecture Grand Prix 2023; a cosmetics major, POLA, has announced skin beauty scores by prefecture every year since 2012. Ishikawa has enjoyed the first ranking for four consecutive years.


The Grand Prix classifies skin elements into 14 categories and determines the prefecture ranking based on over 20 million skin data.


The fam tour allowed participants to explore the roots and secrets of the beautiful skin of ladies in Ishikawa by visiting and experiencing the local climate and lifestyle. In the past, Kochi and Ehime prefectures were destinations.


After departing from Komatsu Airport, the media members had lunch at a local restaurant, Mokuyurin, enjoyed tea time at TEATON, a tea specialty salon in Kaga City, and stayed at a long-established inn, Hanamurasaki in Yamanaka-onsen Hot Spring. A sake brewery, Fukumitsuya, and Yamato Soy Sauce and Miso in Kanazawa City were stop-off points to learn the relationship between fermentation and beautiful skin.


会員制紅茶専門店〈TEATON〉/The tea specialty salon, TEATON, in Kaga City


A travel agency in Osaka city, Arc Three International, sells similar tour programs as overnight trips or three-day-and-two-night travels in Ishikawa.


Any number of participants can apply. Various options are available for the itineraries exploring the secret of beautiful skin.


Sachika Nitta evaluated this tour as follows:


‘This cultural tour was filled with lessons to apply for our daily skincare.


Feel the secret of beautiful skin with your five senses, not study at a desk. I would strongly recommend this tour to people conscious of beauty and health.’


The overnight tour program will also offer particular options in limited quantities if you apply by December 25th.


一行が宿泊した山中温泉の老舗旅館〈花紫〉/Hanamurasaki, a long-established inn in Yamanaka-onsen Hot Spring, where the fam trip members stayed.


(Comments from the Hokuroku editorial department: I didn’t know Ishikawa was ranked high in the beauty skin ranking. Cloudy days in the Hokuriku region may be high humidity, and rich moisture in the atmosphere may foster beautiful skin. The breadth and depth of fermentation culture in the Hokuriku region appeared in past articles of Hokuroku. The tour focusing on the Hokuriku climate and culture must have potential. Takei, the web development producer


This tour can also be a type of cultural tourism. Tourism in Japan will face a simple question: what is culture? Beautiful skin is an admirable culture. Culture has no form like air. It is in the inner world of many residents without them realizing it. It becomes an essential part of their spirituality. Regions with a sense of culture and the ability to edit it will continue to grow. Akashi, the executive producer)


(A comment from an outside expert: I took part in the press tour as a writer for two days and one night. Ishikawa is a rich prefecture of beautiful things rooted in the early modern period. On this tour, I strongly felt that the sense of beauty in every corner that locals nurtured created their beautiful skins in addition to the external conditions such as climate. The tour is a must-see for those who want to discover essential beauty and awaken inspiration. Mai Takahashi)


Story and translation: Masayoshi Sakamoto
Photo: 2023 Recologne photo



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