Quarter Century Ago Today of Hokuriku, Japan



All Japan Pro Wrestling matches, featuring Misawa Mitsuharu and Kobashi Kenta, held in Toyama [25-year ago today]


The All Japan Pro Wrestling Toyama tournament was held at the Toyama Industrial Exhibition Hall (Techno Hall), and star wrestlers Misawa Mitsuharu, Kobashi Kenta, and others showed their performances. About 2,200 fans flocked to the venue.

Q. What is All Japan Pro Wrestling?

The All Japan Pro Wrestling was established in 1972 by a famous wrestler, Giant Baba (Baba Shohei).


In January 1999, when the founder Giant Baba passed away, Misawa Mitsuharu became the CEO, and Kobashi Kenta became a director.


The matches in Toyama were part of the All Japan Pro Wrestling ’99 Summer Action Series.


The following year, in 2000, many leading wrestlers, including Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi, left All Japan Pro Wrestling to found a new professional wrestling organization, Noah.

プロレス史に残る分裂劇…三沢光晴ら25選手が全日本電撃退団&NOAH旗揚げ!【週刊プロレス昔話】 - ベースボール・マガジン

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