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Shogawa Shinsetsu Gymnasium is complete. It allows sledding on the rooftop slope [25-year ago today]


The completion ceremony for the Shogawa Shinsetsu Gymnasium was held in Goka, Shogawa-machi Town, Toyama Prefecture, where about 250 parents and children enjoyed sledding on the rooftop slope covered in artificial turf.


The construction of the Shogawa Shinsetsu Gymnasium began in January 1998 as part of the Snowy Rejon Revitalize Project.

Q. What is the Shogawa Shinsetsu Gymnasium?

It is a gymnasium in Shogawa-machi Town, Tonami City. The official website says, “gymnasium where you can ski!” (quoted from the Tonami City official website).


The gymnasium has an artificial grass arena and an artificial turf slope on the rooftop with a maximum slope of 14 degrees and a width of 15 to 25 meters.


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