Lawyer's Mystery I: A Challenge from Attorney Ito

This special feature article is a legal mystery related to our three Hokuriku prefectures, which is a challenge from Attorney Ito, a lawyer and a member of the Hokuroku Board of Directors. While the world of law may appear cool and heartless, many well-known judicial precedents in the past had humane judgments issued after conflicts between rational evaluation and human kindness. In our three Hokuriku prefectures, similar judgments were issued in the past. For those who are forced to make difficult decisions daily between rational evaluation and human kindness, ample wonderful teaching materials are nearby.


In this special feature, bygone judicial precedents of Hokuriku, which troubled professional judges, appear. After you have received all the information by the middle of the five articles, think of yourself as a judge, listen to both sides of the story, decide which is right and prepare your explanation. Finally, Attorney Ito will explain the real results that the judge presented in the past. Try to compare your thoughts with those of the very experienced judges. The content provided is true and involves many actual lives; this mystery is serious.


Masayoshi Sakamto
First Editor-in-Chief of Hokuroku


Vol. 2 2020.08.18

Buttons in the wrong buttonholes.


Vol. 3 2020.08.19



Vol. 4 2020.08.20

Justice on both sides.


Vol. 5 2020.08.21

An uncomfortable reversal win.