Think with Popular Cafe Owners. How to Make the Second Eatery.

For the owners of eateries in Hokuriku, the start-up was a life-threatening challenge. Expanding it, however, equally gets straining because they must tackle the challenge while maintaining their original establishments.


They will need different abilities, ways of thinking, and attitudes for expanding their businesses, not for beginning operations.


Can Hokuroku provide valuable information to such annoying problems? If we can support their expansion challenges, fun in the life of locals in Hokuriku will further realize. It can also make the locality where residents are not in trouble when going out.


Hokuroku consequently visited a specialist in this field, Masahiko Kyuki, who runs lots of beautiful cafes, HUM & Go # in Nonoichi and Kanazawa cities, Ishikawa.


As an interviewer, Shota Sakagami, who also runs a popular cafe, hammock cafe Amaca in Namerikawa, Toyama followed us. He had a plan to develop his next eatery (after the interview, he indeed realized a new parfait shop in Toyama City).


In this feature article, Mr. Sakagami went to see Mr. Kyuki, who had succeeded in developing multiple cafes. Hokuroku shared a table and recorded their conversation.


It will be abundantly helpful for present owners who want to open the second eatery and future founders. This article is also a must-see for anyone who wants to work at a popular cafe.


Masayoshi Sakamoto

First Editor-in-chief, Hokuroku


*English contents are in preparation.