Attracts Many Fans. The Art of Crowdfunding.

When Hokuroku was first published, crowdfunding was helpful for us. It must also be a very encouraging practice for people who are trying to create something valuable in the world.


Most of the challenges, however, should be the first crowdfunding for founders. Setting the target amount and choosing the returns for funders are unknown tasks, and they must build up anxiety.


Therefore, this time, we carefully selected projects that gathered and attracted many funders through crowdfunding in Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures, and asked the founders for their stories.


The successful founders we interviewed were Yuki Yamamoto, the proprietor of Beer Cafe BREWMINs in Himi City and Toyama City, Toyama; Kazutaka Nakamura, the third heir-to-be of Norman Pastry Shop in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa; and Kaname Takahashi, a member of a squad to boost the tourism of the Echizen Coast in Fukui City, Fukui.


If you have a plan to create something new and valuable in your region but are suffering from a lack of funding, read these feature articles to the end.


Masayoshi Sakamoto

First Editor-in-Chief, of Hokuroku


Note: Sorry. English contents are in preparation.