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Eleven prefectures and cities, including Fukui Prefecture, reject Aum Shinrikyo’s use of municipal facilities [25-year ago today]


Kyodo News has found that eleven prefectures and cities, including Fukui Prefecture, rejected Aum Shinrikyo members to use municipal gymnasiums and halls, even if they requested.


If you include Kanazawa City and Yamaguchi City, which do not allow religious organizations to use municipal facilities, Gifu Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture, which try not to lend out as much as possible, and Hiroshima City and Tokushima City, which ask for refraining, Aum Shinrikyo members will have difficulty using municipal facilities at seventeen prefectures and cities.

Q. Why do municipalities refuse to use facilities?

Aum Shinrikyo, which committed the Matsumoto Sarin Gas Assassination and the Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Assassination in the mid-1990s, was beginning to become active again as of 1999.


As troubles were occurring all over the country between residents and the Aum Shinrikyo members, municipalities all over the country began to take measures.

The survey by Kyodo News covered all prefectures, prefectural capitals, and ordinance-designated cities across the country.


In October of the same year, the National Association of Governors, the National Association of Mayors, and the National Association of Towns and Villages submitted strong requests to the national government to take measures for reality checks and prevent any problems.


Story: Masayoshi Sakamoto

オウム真理教対策に関する要望(平成11年10月14日) - 全国市町村会

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