Toppings and Seasonings Going Well with the Beloved Noodle: Hachi-ban Ramen.

Many people have enjoyed take-out meals from restaurants under the influence of the COVID-19 infection.


Take-out is fun because it enables you to enjoy arrangements for your meal after carrying it home. It has more freedom to choose various toppings than tabletop seasonings in a restaurant.


Hokuroku, this time, provides an idea about adding a touch to a dish that is especially popular in the Hokuriku region, Hachi-ban Ramen.


In the featured articles, Hokuroku holds a tasting to judge which topping or seasoning goes well with the beloved noodle; and realize our mission: restoring freshness to our daily living.


Masayoshi Sakamoto

First Editor-in Cheif, Hokuroku


*Sorry. English contents are in preparation.