One week has passed since the earthquake occurred in the Hokuriku region. The devastating situation is almost visible now. Many friends and acquaintances live in the devastated area.


Now, many locals are required to stay in evacuation centers. Water supply also continues to stop in many areas. The number of missing people is still many. Isolated areas are not few.


Our media, Hokuroku, does not have the ability and role to help sufferers in the devastated area regrettably, so we are quietly spending days trying not to interfere with rescue operations and evacuation life as much as possible.


On the contrary, we believe our turn will come when the disaster situation gradually calms, the tension and pain ease, and locals and communities slowly take a new step toward rebuilding something.


Until then, we would like to help sufferers and neighbors physically.


We, however, published helpful information in our past articles. For example, the featured articles on shoveling and removing snow during the heavy snowfall in 2021 will also be helpful for locals in the devastated areas, where the snowfall will become harder soon.


Related: Snow shoveling and removal methods and tools in a snowy country like Hokuriku. The teachings of the Self-Defense Forces are helpful for both locals and immigrants


The articles also introduce ways to survive the harshness of winter, such as how to tie a lifeline and protect yourself from the cold weather using familiar tools.


If you can access online and charge your devices even in the devastated area, it would be great for you to read this as a reference. These might be a starting point for a conversation with neighboring people.


We have been translating them into English; they are going to be out within a few days.


Masayoshi Sakamoto, the editor-in-chief of Hokuroku