Now it’s August. The rainy season is finally over, and summer weather has come to the Hokuriku region.


As of August, some special features have become available only to monthly paid members. If you miss the special features, as we will continue to publish new special ones, please consider membership registration.


From this week, we will start a new special feature: “For others and yourself: Favorite summer sweets” for two consecutive weeks (they are open to general readers).


There are many confectioneries in Hokuriku but what choices are suitable for gifts for people important to you?


We asked residents in Hokuriku, “What is your favorite summer confectionary that would also make a good gift?”


Needless to say, no single confectionary appears as an advertisement. We have not accepted any advertising fees from confectionary shops.


We also collected summer festival and firework photos in the photo section on the top page. Festivals and events have been canceled due to COVID-19. We hope everyone enjoys the atmosphere with the photos.



Masayoshi Sakamoto
First Editor-in-Chief of Hokuroku