Learn from a Hitmaker Fisherman: How to Make Familiar Objects Valuable

Japan is now in the Branding War Period. Agricultural, livestock and marine products have been branded all over Japan. A brand was originally placed on livestock so owners could distinguish their own livestock from that of others. Now brands go beyond this simple distinction to include strategies that give superiority to competitive products. This process is branding.


In 2006, a law to revise part of the Trademark Law was created; since then, the name of a region plus a product name has become even more familiar. Branding agricultural, livestock and marine products has also become popular. Following successful cases such as those of Echizen Gani and Toyama Masushishi, domestic businesspeople are working to implement branding strategies with experts who know the way. 


In Toyama Prefecture, fisherman Katsuhisa Tokai is creating hit products one after another by himself in a way slightly different from the general strategic approach. This time, we interviewed Mr. Tokai about how to notice the value of something familiar, polish it and create value with it. His story is deeply connected to our mission at Hokuroku to present our local charms. We hope you enjoy this article.


Masayoshi Sakamoto

First Editor-in-Chief, Hokuroku


Note: Sorry. English contents are in preparation.