How to make your place beloved post-COVID-19

The theme of our first featured article is beloved places. The word place has a broad meaning, but the focus here is on small-scale commercial facilities such as cafes, bars, and inns that are within your reach to set up.


For the roundtable discussion, we assembled three specialists: Hiroyuki Akashi of Green Note Label (GNL), and Tomotsugu Yamakawa and Satsuki Yamakawa of Corare Artisans Japan. Masashi Nishide of WE Architect Office is the moderator.  


The talk was held in the BnC Lounge in the Inami area of ​​Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, and then at Mizube-no Minka Hotel in the Shinminato area of ​​Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture.


The first discussion was held before the issue of the emergency declaration due to the spread of COVID-19. In the additional online talk, we focused on beloved places in our world with this recent infectious disease.

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Masayoshi Sakamoto
First Editor-in-Chief, Hokuroku