For Others and Yourself: Favorite Summer Sweets (Part 1)

Choosing a confectionary as a gift for someone close to you can be a little difficult; so we researched this special issue, “Summer sweets for others.”


When we started asking people in the three Hokuriku prefectures, their answers consisted of many delicious Japanese confectioneries. The reason may be the Hokuriku city of Kanazawa, which is one of Japan’s three biggest confectionery cities.


For gifts and to reward yourself, read all of the articles to the end; they will help you to choose the perfect sweets.


Needless to say, no single confectionary appears as an advertisement. We have not accepted any advertising fees from confectionary shops.


Masayoshi Sakamoto

First Editor-in-Chief of Hokuroku


Note: Sorry. English contents are in preparation.