Snow shoveling and removal methods and tools in the snowy region. The teachings of the Self-Defense Forces are helpful for both locals and not

The Hokuriku region of Japan is in great turmoil (*Editor’s note: the articles released in January 2021).


Examples are endless: heavy traffic jams, stranded cars, isolated villages, traffic accidents due to whiteouts, tires falling off, and fatal accidents while shoveling.


Therefore, we had better hastily list helpful techniques and tools for shoveling and removing snow.


The source of these articles is the Self-Defense Forces, which are working hard on rescue operations in Fukui and Toyama prefectures.


Their techniques and tools used in difficult situations must be helpful for residents in snowy regions.


Throwing away the snow quickly and far is also for building giant igloos and slides for the kids to enjoy.


Please select the information you need.


Masayoshi Sakamoto, the Editor-in-Chief of Hokuroku



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